What is included in iBenefits quarterly release

What's in the iBenefits Quarterly Releases?

  • Oct 2021
  • Sarah Kim

Computer Workware's group benefits administration system, iBenefits gets updated every quarter. This quarterly release is the collaborative outcome across the CWI team, and it allows our clients to have an enhanced experience of administering group benefits based on their business needs.

There are 4 categories in the iBenefits quarterly release: New Features, Enhancements, Bug fixes and Change Requests.

1. New Features

  • Based on Clients' feedback or requests, CWI team works collaboratively to strategize, design, develop and execute quality assurance tests for new modules and systems.
  • 2. Enhancements

  • After creating a new feature, we do not let it get outdated. Our goal is always to bring out existing features to the next level. We try to close the gap through proactive communication with the clients and make the platform more user-friendly.
  • 3. Bug fixes

  • We find bugs based on our in-house testing and the feedback from the clients. If the issue is significant, we provide patches right away.
  • 4. Change Requests

  • Clients can ask for new features to streamline their business. We discuss the effort and the scope in detail and share it with our clients. Then add it in the release.
  • We hear our clients' voices and communicate to provide advanced experiences through our flagship product: iBenefits.

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