Dynamic features of iBenefits

More Features of iBenefits

  • Sep 2021
  • Sarah Kim

While iBenefits produce billings with the most complex group benefits plan design, it is not just a billing system. It allows administrators to do much more through a variety of modules. We hear our clients' needs and produce new features for their business growth. Here are some advanced features of iBenefits!


eSignature is a paperless, secure and user-friendly way for plan members to sign forms electronically

This will reduce burdensome work of administrators to go back and forth, trying to get a physical form signed by members.

Financial Dashboard

iBenefits Financial Dashboard is a module that provides financial summary information, for the entire book of business or by client.

Revenue and member counts can be displayed as totals or by benefit.


  • Keeps track of billings and payments
  • Pre-authorized payment functionality that creates EFT files that can be customized based on provider layouts.
  • Case Management

  • Client Relation Management(CRM) tool
  • Add/access inquiries on Client,Location,Class and Member Level
  • Files can be uploaded and attached to an inquiry
  • Statistics report and interaction report available
  • The end-user can define Subjects and Statuese for Inquiries
  • If you want to learn more about iBenefits, please contact us.