New demo video for iBenefits!

  • Jan 2020
  • Chris Mascitelli
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Delivering security, ease of use, and cost savings from the cloud


Our innovative cloud platform, supporting dynamic group benefits insurance administration including Hours Banking, Enrolment, Eligibility, Flex Plan capabilities.


Explore features like billing, employer portal, member portal, hour banking and more.
iBenefits software has all you need to administer, manage and customize benefits.

iBenefits Billing System

Billing System

Powerful integrated billing capabilities

iBenefits Employer Portal

Employer Portal

Practical, effective tools for your clients

iBenefits Employee Member Portal

Member Portal

Easy access for your members

iBenefits HoursBanking

Hour Banking

A flexible solution for hourly workers

Watch detailed demo video to know more about iBenefits

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