Dynamic features of iBenefits

How is CWI supporting our clients?

  • Dec 2021
  • Sarah Kim

Getting used to a new platform isn't easy. So we have the CWI suppport team to help you with the process. Our support team communicates with the clients' team members to provide an enhanced platform experience.


We provide onboarding sessions on iBenefits by walking through each window, and screen most used by administrators based on each business needs.


iBenefits can do much more than a simple billing administration. If our clients require more information and training on certain features/modules, we prepare a session to discuss your inquiries and demonstrate.

Help Centre

There is the help centre that is accessible for all the iBenefits users, and it contains step-by-step guides for each module and features. As we have quarterly updates, those guides get renewed every quarter to include new development and enhancements.

Change Request

If there is a business process that we can assist through development, we discuss detailed specifications and processes with the client. Then we provide the solution as part of the quarterly releases.

If you have any questions about our team or the group benefits administration software, don't hesitate to contact us.