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Sit back and let us do all the work for you

  • Mar 2022
  • Sarah Kim

Sit back, we'll do the work for you We deliver a user-friendly benefits administration experience for you and your plan members

We can handle whatever group benefits administration support you need — at all times and especially during busy periods like enrolment

    All Canadians

  • Made by Canadians for Canadians. We understand your business completely
  • Our team speaks your language - Technology and Group benefits
  • Tailored to all plan designs & needs

  • Whether it is traditional, flex plans or Hours banking, no plan gets left behind
  • Scale up, scale down or anywhere in between
  • We can do all the plan member administration work for you, from hire to retire
  • Take advantage of CWI's flagship platform iBenefits platform
  • Technology that keeps up

  • We offer flexible and intuitive benefits administration system backed up by reliable, real-time service that makes every benefit dollar count
  • Continuous technology updates that keep up with the ever-changing Canadian benefits landscape
  • All quarterly releases do not require any cost!
  • The GreenShield Advantage

  • Seamless integration with all GreenShield products like SMARTspend, Claim Watch and DATAleap
  • You have access to GreenShield's claims management expertise powered by GreenShield's dynamic, rules-based, and fully-integrated claims adjudication system
  • Unique offerings like GreenShield's Digital Health Clinic support plan members to manage and improve both their physical and mental