Vital Objects ™

Vital Objects enables group insurers, group plan sponsors and Third Party Administrators to effectively manage their traditional and flex-benefit group benefits programs.

Our comprehensive solution, offered in convenient modules, empowers you to enable the services you need, on your schedule. Take control of your benefits administration with our wide-ranging software, as it makes sense to your organization.

Key Highlights

Key highlights of Vital Objects include benefit plan setup, data maintenance and administration benefits:

  1. Provides customizable services such as benefit plan maintenance and administration (including member enrollment services), for your plan sponsor administrator, plan participant, carrier administrator or your Third Party Administrator;
  2. Facilitates accurate calculation of retroactive premium adjustments, including historical rates, plan information, billing history, adjustments, payroll deductions, tax collection and taxable benefits;
  3. Enables flexible plans, including selecting, calculating and modeling;
  4. Calculates member’s eligibility, coverage and premiums for benefits, as well as employee payroll deductions;
  5. Delivers a dynamic scheduler for monthly billings and real-time information updates and streamlines billing production and premium collection.

In addition, Vital Objects:

  • Supports ad-hoc reporting;
  • Enables you to customize fields, while providing a full audit trail;
  • Supports multiple languages, including English and French.

Vital Objects is available in three different versions:

Vital Objects streamlines your ability to administer and manage group benefits, while ensuring a record of all transactions.

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Vital Objects ™

Vital Objects helps group insurers, group plan sponsors and Third Party Administrators (TPAs) streamline their management of traditional and flex-benefit group benefits programs.
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Enterprise Client

Are you a large enterprise, with a separate group benefits administration department, or an association with multiple users? Vital Objects Enterprise Client is the solution for you.
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Enterprise Provider

Designed for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Vital Objects Enterprise Provider is an elastic, web-based solution, to help manage your IT costs, while harnessing the potential of group benefits and insurance software.
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Solution Provider

Are you a large insurance provider looking for a solution to help you manage an unlimited number of users? Vital Objects Solution Provider is for you.
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